Promoting Irish-American Culture
and Preserving Local Histories
Through Year-Round Programs

14th Annual Irish-American Crossroads Festival
March 2 – April 2, 2017

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Crossroads 2017 opens Thursday, March 2nd with renowned Irish fiddler, Gerry O’Connor in a solo concert performance.  We will also offer a day-long documentary film screening in collaboration with the San Francisco Irish Film Festival, a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Pearse and Connolly Fife and Drum Band, an exploration of intersections between the Irish and Chinese communities in San Francisco and more.

Audiences will love, once again, our ever-popular Children’s Hour with music and dance, our Oral History event featuring members of the Irish Oral History Archive of the San Francisco Bay Area, the Crossroads Salon, a forum for writers/artists to gather, and Margaret Cooley’s Family Stories Workshop.

We rely on the support of the community every year to produce this one-of-a-kind Festival.  Please join the Irish-American Crossroads community by making a tax-deductible contribution today and/or ask about becoming a volunteer.

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Rediscovering Irish-America.

Irish-Americans possess a rich and diverse history that has greatly influenced the cultural, political, and creative landscapes of the United States and beyond. Irish-American Crossroads recognizes this and is committed to revealing the often hidden histories of the Irish-American experience. Our programs promote Irish-American culture and heritage with a special emphasis on the San Francisco Bay Area.

Irish-American Crossroads produces programs year-round. The 14th Annual Irish-American Crossroads Festival starts in March 2017.  The Crossroads Irish Oral History Archive invites Irish & Irish-American men and women to contribute their stories to the first-ever oral history archive. The recently launched Crossroads Salon meets regularly. More information on our programs can be found below.


The Irish-American Crossroads Festival is a literary, musical, and cultural event that takes place every year in the SF Bay Area. Information about the Festival.


Irish-American Crossroads aims to produce a comprehensive archive of the life stories of the Irish in the SF Bay Area. Hear samplings from the archive.


The Crossroads Salon is a forum to highlight and explore the work of local writers and artists who either have Irish or Irish-American heritages or are interested in exploring Irish-American themes.


Irish American Crossroads Mark

Crossroads was founded to promote the discovery and understanding of the Irish experience in the Americas, and to ensure that the richness of the arts, culture, history, and traditions of this heritage are both held in high esteem and preserved for generations to come.