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Announcing the Winner of the
Third Annual
Crossroads Irish-American Writing Contest

We are pleased to announce that Mary Kay Rummel was chosen by judges Linda Norton and Eamonn Wall as the winner of the Third Annual Crossroads Irish-American Writing Contest in the category of Poetry. Her poems, "Ars Poetica," and "What Stone Knows" were voted the best poems overall.

Please click here to read Mary Kay Rummel's submission to the contest.

Crossroads aims to support and develop Irish-American writing through this contest.  We are grateful for such a wonderful number of submissions to this year’s contest.  As Eamonn Wall noted, "I have enjoyed greatly reading these explorations of Irish American identity—so varied, complex, and moving.  To be sure, there is a bright future ahead for Irish American poetry."

About The Crossroads Irish-American Writing Contest

Crossroads is interested in the varied and multiple ways in which one can be "Irish" in "America". In this sense, to be Irish-American means that one can be first or fifth generation, with or without a diversity of other ethnic/racial inheritances. To be Irish-American can mean that one hails from Boise, Brooklyn, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Halifax, Montserrat or Fairbanks. In other words, we define Irish-American as inclusive of the Americas. And, we are interested in all of the possible ways that the Irish have impacted and shaped experience, identity, culture and society in each and every corner of the Americas. 

Click here to read about the winner and readers of the Second Annual Crossroads Irish-American Writing Contest (2011-2012).

About The Crossroads Irish-American Festival organization

Founded in 2004, the Crossroads Irish-American Festival promotes the discovery and understanding of the Irish experience in the Americas to ensure that the richness of the arts, culture, history and traditions of this heritage are both held in great esteem and preserved for generations to come. We achieve this mission through the production of events and projects that promote Irish-American culture and heritage with an emphasis on the Irish and Irish-American communities of the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Located in San Francisco, a global capital of arts and culture, the Crossroads Irish-American Festival serves as a dynamic platform for emerging and established artists and culture workers to reach a regional, national, and global audience.